Recently I installed a 32 bit version of Windows 7 on my old Dell Dimension 2350 desktop. To my surprise it loaded just fine, other than the fact that the only sceen resolution is 600x800. I figured a new video card would rectify this and give me more options. (The Dell has on onboard video 'card').
So I went and purchased a Diablotek Radeon 9000 Video Card - (64MB DDR, PCI, DVI, VGA, TV Out).
But I couldn't get it to recognize and when I plugged the the monitor into it, it was blank and there was an error loading the software.
However, I had no problem getting the new card to work when I re-installed XP.
Is there something I can do to get Windows 7 to recognize the new card, am I missing something?
Or do I have to return ?

Thanks for you help in advance.
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  1. that card is old and might not have win 7 drivers

    i would return it and get a better card...
  2. that's what i was afraid of. i was trying to not to spend too much on it either. i guess something windows 7 compatible would be a bit more expensive than 31.00?

  3. You can get a card for about $60-70 that is 5 times faster than that 9000.

    Howerver, your system is basically locked in with almost no upgrade path, from the specs online there is not even an AGP slot on it, so you can't really get any better video card.

    When you use your new card, can you see the screen at all when the PC starts? Do you see the BIOS loading and then lose the video when Windows starts.
  4. I know - there's just the PCI slots.

    I have XP back in there and it starts fine with that. The software loaded no problem. But when I was booting up with Win7, I couldn't see the screen at all. It was always blank.
  5. So the issue is only when Windows 7 starts up? It's probably the drivers. Your system is old enough and basic enough that there are not may Windows 7 drivers that would work with it. Stick with XP until you can get a new computer.
  6. That's the thing: I'm not too concerned. As a student they did give a new machine and I've had that for over a year and that one has Windows 7.
    I just figured it was time to retire XP from the old machine and install Windows 7 on it if I could.
    Thanks for all the help guys.
  7. ^+1

    just stick with xp
  8. One last question: do you think I could download the latest drivers from the video card's manufacturer's website and that might do the trick? or do you think, like you said, the computer might be too old to update at this point?
  9. ati only has up to xp 32 bit drivers, nothing newer
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