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I am trying to sign on to a restricted area of a site--an organization where I am a Board member and need to get into this site. The Windows Security box comes up with my PC name already in the Password area and I can not sign in. How do I get rid of this???
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  1. You can't just type over it?
    Are you sure it's in the password field and not username?
    How are you getting to this secure area? Is it just a web page or a network resource on a file server?
  2. The regular pop up box to put my password and username in is a Windows Security Box--with my computer log on picture. It has "my name-PC" and then a password but I can not type over it. I tried another area of the site and I can get into that one as the organizations sign in box pops up. The web master has tried my codes and they all work from his computer.
  3. How do I then remove the domain in Windows 7?
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