Rage Fury Pro Vs Geforce2 MX 400 64mb

Can some one please help me, Im a newbie to the graphics cards and I have just bought a pc with a Geforce2 MX 400 64mb card already in it, my old pc has a ATI Rage fury pro which always served me well... will the new Geforce2 be better or should I stick with my old ATI ?

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  1. Even though I'm an ati fan I have to recommend the mx.
  2. Obviously. The Rage Fury Pro is based on the Rage128 Pro chip which was barely able to keep up with a TNT2. The GeForce2MX400 will significantly outperform it but it's still considered the very low end of the spectrum in modern PC graphics technology.

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  3. Keep the MX for gaming.


    If your not playing games stick the Rage Fury in, and sell the MX to a friend.

    THGC, saving 1 pc user from buying a GeForce4 MX at a time.
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