Radeon 8500 driver issue with games :(

I love ATI and always have heh.. I have heard for a while now that the new drivers were great for the Radeon and fixed the problems and what not..well I dont know..I just got me a Radeon 8500 today..got latest drivers and everything shows as if its normal.. But if I run any game..be it renegade's Demo.. Warcraft III Beta.. or anything..after a short while..sometime seconds or minutes it freeze up the system, when I reboot xp says it was .. Hmm I'll note the exact name of the atisomething.dll file...anyhow it says it was unable to complete a certain graphical operation.

AMD 1.46ghz
Gigabyte GA-7VTXE
Radeon 8500...well I could go on, but really the problem seems to come from the Radeon..And I saw in 2 other posts just bellow this one..people having problems with Radeons too..8500 and DV....and problems in each case were the same, if any radeon user could give me a hand out there, or point to me where to get decet driver.. I downloaded the 7.65-011228X-2465C driver from ati web site..I'll try the beta one too Now....ah well..hopefully it will work :(

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  1. It's not a driver issue with the ATI drivers themselves but rather, a driver conflict. I'm assuming you had an nVidia card previously?

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  2. Yes I did, I tried the beta driver as well..doesnt work..although I did uninstall the Nvidia drivers..and did 'uninstall' the card from my system before putting my radeon in and Installing it.. If you've got any advices or how/where to find the pesky files creating the conflict I'd really appreciate.. Oh yeah I used to have a TNT2 32mb Cougar by Guillemot... Hrm..

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  3. I would goto into RegEdit and delete everything that says nvidia.

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  4. Too bad everything that say's nvidia in the registry won't help him out =\.

  5. Quote:

    Too bad everything that say's nvidia in the registry won't help him out =\.

    Actually, it will. Removing all registry traces of nVidia drivers, would probably solve the problem.

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  6. AMD man, why don't you go look through a registry for things that actually say nvidia before posting? It's not that easy hehe. "Nvidia" will not lead you to any driver references.

  7. hmm, I'll have to try that, but I don't have my old GF2MX-400 with me or the detonators installed. However, the best bet here is a program called Detonator Destroyer.

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  8. Well thanks for giving me a hand there, Im going to try that now, I've installed recommended drivers by ATI then called them (if you dont have the recommended ones they dont offer support heh..) So..well I read the exact problem widows XP says it does from one of the watchdog report it sends.. and here it is:

    "LogType: Watchdog
    Created: 2002-02-22 15:34:39
    TimeZone: 300 - Est
    WindowsVersion: XP
    EventType: 0xEA - Thread Stuck in Device Driver

    // The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your display device vendor for any driver updates. "

    Anyhow..I've tried to update bios and chipset drivers..I've been told by ATI what they were aware of that could do this is the lack of strength of power supply..size of agp whatever (told me to play try 128 and 64mb..but neither really worked).. And to try enabling or disabling AGP fastwrite.. Well I'Ve tried all of it and nothing works, and they say they cant help me further and to search Microsoft knowledge base..heh..

  9. Heh did they give you any suggestions on what to do besides searching the M$ database?

  10. Yeah thats what I said in the previous post I think..they told me a little more than that, but hardly.. they told me to play with the Texture Size I think it was, try to update bios driver =P try to update chipset Driver.. and make sure I have a big enough Power Supply...Oh yeah and test with agp fastwrite on and off..

    Still doesnt work :(..

    I tried Detonator Destroyer to get rid of old nvidia files..and there isnt really anything, all I found was nv3 and nv4.inf reference in a text and in a doc file..and in the registry there's only 1 line where it shows and it lists about all brand of cards..its like a 20 mile slong line with some ati cards, nvidia, matrox and such... Nothing having to do with my old nvidia drivers and card.
  11. Which driver are you currently using?

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  12. I installed this file wxp-766-04-020129x-2545e.exe
    its the driver version :
    which is recommended by ATI, I installed this one before calling them to make sure I had the same tabs they had and all, because if you dont use recommended drivers ati isnt very prone to help you I hear..

    I also tried this: Alternate Driver -

    Also tried the drivers from the cd that came with it..
    I know there's a web site.. rage3d.com thats suposed to be full of stuff and leaked drivers for ATI but its always down so I cant open it.. im not too sure what to do anymore, Im about to bring back the card to the shop and perhaps pay the difference and get a TI-500..or wait till the gf4 are out..although ..Not that I dislike Nvidia really.. I just like ATI I guess..well starting to be annoyed heh..!

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  13. Well, I went and returned the card for a new Radeon in case it was the card itself..Still does the same thing..Im at a loss there, I guess I'll wait to get my WinXP CD back and then format and reinstall all this crap :(
  14. I always format when getting a new video card, that's like format once in two years for that so it isn't bad. Less pain on the arse.

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  15. personally....i like the 6025 drivers better than the 6015...
    even though the 6015 drivers are certified...they still give me blocky text on my desktop under windows xp....this only happens after i run 3dmark2k1 or when i resume windows from my screensaver (which is ati's screensaver called Ocean).
    the 6025 seems to be a less buggy driver to me...so im sticking with it...

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  16. I know, and I use the 6025 as well now, its just that if you call ATI you -MUST- be using recommended drivers or they'll annoy you about it..In any case any version of drivers i've tried do not change anything..and I've tried about 8 so far.
  17. I will also highly recommend that you do a complete reformat and reinstall everything. Then get all the latest drivers and software patches and load them. I have found that this solves almost all Graphic card issues, esp. if you have used NiVidia cards before this one. Also, if you just recently switched to XP, that would be a good thing to do, just to make sure that there are no other issues with past HD and Software.

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  18. Reformat sound so serious, maybe you can just reinstall window in a slightly different directory! and then just delete the old window directory along with all its file!
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