Some programs won't start

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Recently, programs have refused to start when clicking on their icons.
When I double click, either nothing happens or the program's window
opens for a millisecond and closes again. CTRL-ALT-DEL shows a window
with no programs running, so they are not running invisible somehow. If
I go to the Command Prompt (DOS?) and navigate to the program's
directory and type in the command string (found in the "Properties"
window of the Windows icon) to start the program, it starts - in
Windows - as it should.

Two programs specifically that do this are ACDSee 4.0 and Epsilon 9.0.
Others have behaved the same way but I just can't remember them

I have another XP system and these same programs start fine from
Windows - so there is a setting wrong on the first computer. I just
can't figure out what.

S. Howard

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    Did you perhaps run a REGISTRY cleaner recently? If so, that could
    explain things.

    Other than that, why not try to reinstall one/some of the failing
    programs and see if that solves the situation?

    It's easy to make a decision when there are no options.
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