how hot should it be able to get?

How hot should a graphics card be able to get and still work fine? Any answers, please tell if you're using Farenheit or Celsius.
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  1. i think your a swede, putte, but if not.... anyway its not good if your card get too hot, like when you touch the card dont burn yourself
  2. Yeah I'm a swede. Hej.

    Yes I do burn my fingers if i touch the card. That would be about 50-60 degrees celsius right? And about 120-140 degrees Farenheit.
  3. Most electronic components will run well under normal operating specifications stated by the manufacturer. Usually you can obtain these specs from the manual or the
    manufacturers website. Even if the temperature exceeds these specs, alittle, it does not mean that the part will malfunction, as long as the heat is not excessive and prolonged (good cooling to bring it down again). Also you want to make sure there is plenty of room for air to flow in and arround the case and exhaust out (tie cables off and try using special round cables for your hard drives). You can get round ribbon cables at ammong other places. Hope that helps.
    Sorry about my spelling.

    Thankyou Mr. Hat
    You can say that again
    Mr Garrison!!
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