gfrce 3ti 200 and via chipset problems

I just recently upgraded my system with an asus tuv4x mobo and geforce3ti 200 , so my system is now
P3 1.0 ghz, 448 mb sdram, cmi 18738 audio card(not onboard), asus geforce 3ti 200 pure, win98 se.
My problem is that when running games that use d3d the games freeze at start up unless I turn the agp down to 2x in bios. open gl games run perfect, excellent actually. I wonder what gives.
This is the driver situation. all the latest drivers including the latest VIA 4in1 for the mobo. I tried using the invidia xp drivers but no difference and i lost the customizing option for the vid card so i change back to the latest asus vid card drivers.
Originally I had installed the GART driver but installing the via 4in1 drivers disabled this.I have directx 8.1 and all the tests run great. i was thinking of disabling read over write(is this the same as fast write) but dont want to screw things up.
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  1. oh ya , so does anybody have any suggestions for solving this. also everything in directx diplay is enabled. thanks
  2. I didn't have the same hardware, but I had the same problem.
    I had a Soyo dragon plus mobo and a daytona geforce3 ti200 64MB.
    I could make it run almost stable in "normal" mode (installation of agp 4in1). I guess thats agp x2.
    I had the feezeup problem in 3DMark2001 and when I played FPS that demanded alot from the graphiccard.
    The G3Ti200 have some prob with the compability with the VIA ship. I don't know if this might be related to your problem, but for me everything changed when I upgraded to a Daytona G3Ti200 128MB.
    Check out this link :
    Read the input about faulty boards that got delivered in december/februari.
    Hope you can fix your prob. I know the frustration of having a fast computer and a lot of lockups.
  3. Thanks for your reply , I will look into this as a possible answer. The only reason this doesnt quite make sense as a possible answer though, is the fact that I was playing these same games before with a TNT2 card and they worked fine.Why would a 32 MB card work but a faster 64 MB card will not. Unless of course the games now are ONLY using the card to play the games whereas before it was the card AND the cpu doing the work.Thanks this has given my something to look into.
  4. Troll, run along.

    Try the 21.83 drivers.

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  5. I like the poster above have had the same problem but different board.Asus P3V4X with via apollo pro 133a chipset. I finally got 4x working with a program called BETA4/WAY from the geforce fag page.I had to change the drive strength to FE on mine but others had success with different settings.

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