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We just received 154 Refurbished Nintendo NES systems and 154 Refurbished
Super Nintendo Systems. Each system comes complete with one controller,
power cable, and RF cable. They are currently $34.95 as they have been
completly refurbished. If you would like to purchase one please contact me
by e-mail.

Game-Hog a division of Return Warheouse, Inc.
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  1. Where are u as in country & do u still hav Nes systems
    I am in australia & would like 2 buy the old Nes system
    Are they the 72 bit & do u have any zapper guns 4 sale
    Would like 2 no how much P&H
  2. Another great archaeologist. This great dig produced a nearly 5 year old treasure.
  3. Wow, I've been browsing Toms for about a year now, and I think the worst I necroposted was about 2 years old...
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