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Ok, I am completely lost and none of my tech buds knows the answer to this question either.
I downloaded NVW cd's 1,2 & 3, but they all have the ISO.EXE extension? Does anyone know how I can actually play these games or what I need to do to make them work?
I got to burn all 3 cd's, but they don't autoplay??
I also got LOR cd 1 & 2, the second is over 733MB's, is there a solution to that? I am not aware of any company making a cd-r over 700mb's.
Any help is greatly appreciated.......this is stumping all my tech buds...ggrrr.

Signed, Very Much Confuzled


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  1. well.... if you dont have nero, "download" it (and buy it if you like it... hhehe.) and create a disk from "other" format, then image....bla bla... that will bring up a box thats looking for iso and nga? files. select "all files" and browse to the nvw file you want to burn. click ok and it will say the block size is wrong.... select the other option (2352 i believe) and let er go....

    oh yeah.... then go out and buy nvw if you like it... : )

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  2. I keep hearing things about <A HREF="" target="_new">Daemon Tools</A> with respect to this issue.

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  3. The Daemon tool is a virtual CD-Rom drive, you simply load up the image file using the Daemon tool and you can run the game without actually using a CD.

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  4. That's why my friends have so many games eventhough they have little money. They also talk about a + edonkey2000 combination. Hmmm...

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