FA: Nintendo Gamecube, 2 games, 2 controllers, memory

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Package Includes:
- Gamecube console
- 1 Standard controller
- 1 New-Unopened Nyko Starpad controller
- Simpsons Road Rage game (in case with manual)
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 game (in case with manual)
- Memory card which contains nearly all Tony Hawk Pro Skater
3 characters and levels
- Power and A/V cables
- Instruction manual
The whole package is in excellent or better condition.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Two days left and the package is ONLY at $1 - with NO RESERVE! Don't
    miss out on a great deal!
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    10 hours left on the auction and the package is only at $27 - don't
    miss out on a GREAT DEAL!
    Auction ends at around 8:00pm pacific time tonight...good luck!
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