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//Post edited to correct price estimate of GF4 4400 from
//3300 to 330.

Welp, I have been pouring over the graphics threads over the last week or two, and finally decided to go with the RADEON 8500. I have a AMD 1.7XP cpu, EPOX Mainboard, and WinXP. The card dropped right in and fired up with no problem. After a night of RTCW play, there have been no problems with the setup.

I weighed the choices of GF3Ti200 (about $200), Ti500 (about $300), GF3 ($230), or waiting for the GF4 4400 (about $330) and RADEON 8500 (about $200). The GF4 4600 (about $440) was too rich for my blood. I ruled out the RADEON 7500 because I wanted a base core/mem speed I could count on and not worry about overclocking to get up there.

Several factors swayed my decision:
The performance of the 8500 is about on par with the best the GF3 could offer. Perhpas not as fast over all, but the lead for the GF3 was by such a slim margin that I did not think it significant.

The cost of the RADEON was right on. At 200.00, it is an incredible deal, IMO. I did not want to pay more than that (or close to it) so the GF4's were not an option.

The RADEON supports all of DX 8.1, which the GF3 doesn't.

There are a few new twists the RADEON offers that the GF3 doesn't. These themsleves do not make or break the decision, but they are nice extras.

I have worked my way up the NVIDIA line and figured this would be a good break to see how another vendors product and service performs. The price is right, the performance is there, I'll see hw ATI does. ATI has been knocked for poor driver support in the past, so I hope that snake does not bite me.

So, there's my story. Hopefully someone who is also looking to spend some tax refund money and is struggling with the same decision will find it informative.

Talk at ya later,


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  1. Good for you. I'll be getting an 8500 as well...just as soon as I can afford it. :frown:

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  2. just bought my 8500 at newegg.com for 165 bucks... ..
    yeah.. i couldn't pay more than 200 bucks for graphics card either... hope to see GF4 ti4200 before i decide.. but.. i couldn't wait.. =)

    is there any way to OC this 8500??
  3. by the way, the retail 8500 will be on sale this week at bestbuy b/m for 139 after rebated, and 149 at compusa!!
    you can not beat the price/performance/visual of this card! nothing Nvidia offer come close imo
  4. Beware Best buy rebates .. I'm STILL waiting for mine from the Black Friday ( Nov 24th) sale on the visiontek gf3 ti200 sale .. Don't think I will ever buy based on a rebate from them again . According to www.wheresmyrebate.com my rebate has been approved for months and the estimated mailing date was supposed to be a month ago !!,, caveat emptor


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  5. agreed and im an nvidia user.
    the ONLY thing i can see beating out the 8500 in the "low end price range yet high end performance" category (the one i subscribe to), is the Geforce 4 4200.

    Like the ti200 before it, the 4200 is the most attractive to a working chum like myself.

    Go working class! :)

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  6. I am in the middle of this confused mess myself at the moment. Seems my timing is really bad for building a new system with ATI's rep for the R8500 still hush hush, the R8500 64 meg is seriously on sale atm, the new
    R8500 128 meg has been release with NO comparisons, no comparisons to the Ti4400 can be made because IT ISN'T released yet either, the Ti 4600 is just too much money compared to the reference boards tested with the Ti 4400, how does the extra memory affect the performance of the R8500 and and and and gawd I am breathless! What a confusing mess it can be nowadays choosing a card when wanting to get the best for the cash you spend.
    With all that said I am leaning toward the 128 meg Radeon. I figure the extra ram will be useful in assisting the card with its many special features such as the antialiasing etc since the Ti 4400 (the Radeon 128 meg still comes in at about 50.00 cheaper than the Ti 4400 although I know prices may vary) may not be out til mid march. I can always OC the Radeon if I feel the need.
    The real thing is, I do a alot of 2D gaming (yeah man I am a Starcraft junky among others) and don't play first person shooters which it seems 90% of all benchmarks cater too.
    Everquest, DAoC and games of that type make up my 3D resume. The Radeon seems to run all these fine and the picture quality is better from all I have read.
    Thanks for your initial posting Katy_Lied. I have little experience with ATI and seeing informative positive posts like yours is a big help in making my choice and feel like I haven't made a mistake.

  7. I see your dilemma. I, however, don't think the 128MB Radeon 8500 will significantly improve performance. We have been shown by ATI's latest leaked drivers that the performance of the card is going to come mostly from new drivers which will also be freely available for the 64MB Radeon 8500. It's really a close game between ATI and nVidia at this exact moment in time (the GF4Ti series is still nearly impossible to find). In a couple of weeks, we'll see both the 128MB Radeon 8500, 128MB Radeon 8500LE and the GF4 Tis become more widely available in stores. I suggest you wait a week or two to see the reviews of the 128MB R8500.

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