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I just bought a "no name" AGP Nvidia based GeForce 3 Ti200 64Mb DDR vid card (brown box style) from Frys for $99.00. I bought it for the price. However, upon inspection of the card, the main chip is mounted with a black finned 2-5/8" W x 2-1/4" D heat sink BUT NO FAN! Is this vid card going to burn up under game use or was this why the price was so low or will this actually keep the GPU cool? I dont want to keep a card that will fail. (I have an ASUS GeForce 2 GTS now with hsf mounted on GPU.) Thank you.
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  1. hummmmmmm sounds a bit odd, a Ti200 with no fan ... are u sure it's a Ti200? remove the heatsink and see wat's written on the core. also, there's gonna be a name for the card you bought , it cant be just made by some manufacturer who unfortuantly has 2 produce there dodgy Ti200 in their own backyard shed
  2. Pulled the card out of its static shielding name anywhere but the following shows on the epoxy glass:

    NVIDIA Corporation
    Model: P50
    Made in Taiwan
    D-Ying M-Vo
    Also has a TV-OUT OS/2 type connector.
    HS looks like its spring loaded screwed in thru metal HS on either side of the GPU...dont want to undo lest I damage the GPU and then Frys will fry me.
    Nothing inside installation guide says anything about mfr.
    This is as generic as you can get. imho.
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