Dire Need of help

My system specs are currently as follows...

Microsoft Windows XP proffesional
1700 AMD Athalon4 XP
768 megs of ram
Siluro GeForce2 400/MX 64 megs of ram
M830 series motherboard (supports agp 2.0 specs)

The bottom line is when I run 3d applications, my system LOVES to lock up... but this lock up is different from any other lockup ive ever encountered. It sounds like almost a static screeching sound and the screen just freezes. There is no alt-tabbing, control-alt-deleting out, the only way to get it back up is to Hard Boot the thing. Ive tried various detonator drivers to no avail. This card used to work fine on windows 98... when I changed the mb and proccesor though, I wiped my HD and went with windows xp instead. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix this? It seems to freeze whenever I run games... but it freezes randomly while the game is running.... I can generally get anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of gametime before the system freezes like I said, and I have to hard reboot.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Does this "static screeching sound" come out of your speakers, or is some component in your system horribly grinding itself to bits?
    If it's out of the speakers, then the only thing I can think of is that it's related to your motherboard. What exactly is a M830 series motherboard?
    If it’s some component in your system that’s making this sound then it would have to be a fan failing in a very bad way. This would cause you system to overheat and lock up.

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  2. Its definetly coming out of the speakers..when i turn down the volume i cant hear it.
  3. Sounds to me like it may be temps, or power supply. What exactly is your motherboard, and can it support ur processor- does it need bios flash or anything like that?

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  4. actually the motherboard is an SiS 735 type. i *think* i flahsed my bios but the date that it says is still the same.
  5. Ok, you may not like this but try this......

    Wipe your hd and start over.

    Flash your bios, don't look for the date, but look for the version number.

    Start to load WinXP over.

    Load motherboard drivers, reboot.
    Load video drivers, and reboot.
    Load sound drivers, and reboot.

    Make sure all the drivers you are loading are for XP. Run window's update for the critical updates.

    make sure the case side panels are on and run 3d mark 2001 for 99 passes to help burn in the system.

    If it locks up in 3d mark. Test your ram, if it still locks up, test your video card.

    Its easiest to start with those parts because they are the smallest. If its still locking up, more than likely its your MB.....its almost never the cpu, but usually ram, video, MB.

    Also make sure that there isn't anything sharing irqs with your video card...

    Hope this helps....

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