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Hey Guys...I would really appreciate some help on this. I am getting a new system--probably Athalon XP 1800 range. I have every component figured out except the video card. I have a Sony VX2000 3chip DV Cam and in the past have edited at a friends house. However, I would like to start doing editing at my own house. I know that there is an ATI All in Wonder board out there that is about $340 and is supposed to be great for capturing video, but I am not sure. Can anybody give me some advice on what I should do for a video card and what to buy? I dont want to loose any quality in the transfer from the camera to computer and vice versa so I think Firewire is what I need. Help!
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  1. your camera firewire? sounds like it, well you can just get a firewire add-on pci card, get a video capture card.....but they usually run about 600 to a grand depending on what you want.....

    good video card, with firewire card and most of all, photoshop or another good photo editing software is the most important item.......
  2. You do not necessarily need a capture card!! If you use a program like Adobe Premiere you can capture right into the software and then do your editing there, configured properly with NO frame loss. You can check Adobe's website to make sure your camera is 100% supported but even if it is not listed it will probably work! This is the way we do it at Georgia Tech with 4 different digital camcorders and cameras. Although we also have a Matrox 2500 capture card and Dualhead G450 video card but that is not necessary for you and WAY overkill.

    You will however need a firewire card (not a capture card)

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  3. The all-in wonder in my opinion is a consideration especially since it has 2 fire wire ports and I do believe it comes with video editing software my advise read the reveiws and give AMD_MAN a shout. The all-in-wonder is worth every penny because of all the features it is loaded with, but make sure you have the latest drivers if you do purchase.
  4. The AIW Radeon 8500DV does come with decent video editing software, but if all he wants is video editing then he doesn't really need the AIW R8500DV. Unless, of course, he's interested in watching TV on his PC with the TV Tuner, and the RF Remote controller.

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  5. Like has been said, you don't need a capture card if you got a firewire card and went through premier it would do the job unless you wanted real time effects etc. You could think about a dual head card as they are useful.
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