what card for a 3d modeler?

basically, I want to know where to find a good card for 3d modeling. NOT a gaming card, so no geforce's or radeon's.
I know that nvidia also designs the quadro series, but what else is there available? suggestions for cards are welcome, but even MORE welcome would be suggestions for sites to go to that regularly keep up on the market for those kinds of cards. the kind of site that caters to 3d modelers who don't own sgi or sun workstations, but intel or amd based pc's. amateur modelers, I guess. thanks.
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  1. try Elsa
    I havent tried any of them due to the large cost of the cards, see here <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <font color=red> Quantum Computers! - very interesting </font color=red>
  2. http://www.3dlabs.com/product/wildcatIII_6210_index.htm

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  3. What is your price limit? I would suggest waiting for the Quadro4, cause that woops everything else. Also, don't go with elsa, cause they may be going under.

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  4. I went and looked at Elsa.


    After looking at some of the numbers, not sure it can hardly beat my Radeon 7500 for $100 LOL.

    Now take in the new Radeon 128MB Card and the new GeForce4 4600, the high ends cards probably can't hang anymore for the price.

    Now other cards like the new Wildcat from 3Dlab, the GeForce and Radeon cards may not be as good as of yet, but WAY WAY WAY WAY cheaper. You could build 2 or 3 awesome machines for the price of this badboy

    3Dlabs Wildcat 5110-G with multiview and Genlock option (Free Corel Draw 9.0 and Corel Paint 9.0 Full OEM Version software)

    I have a lot of friends using Lightwave, Miah(heh, sp?), and Softimage. They all have GeForce 2 cards, and are very excited about trying the new Radeon 8500 and the new GeForce4 4600. I think they may be more excited when AMD Finally supports SSE2 ;-)

    Of course, half the time I don't know what the hell i'm talking about, so take it with a grain of salt.

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  5. Yeah I agree with jflongo, those cards aren't worth the money and anyway what's wrong with ATI & Nvidia ,they both make excellent cards now that match anything costing three times the price - the ATI 8500 would be my choice at the moment they are great performers for the money. Apple computers are 3D modelling stalwarts-they use ATI & Nvidia on all their current models.
  6. Appe computers can suck my dick. They suck! Rendering time takes forever, and an equally priced PC rapes an Apple! For 5 grand u can get urself some crazy ass shitt w/ a PC man! Wanna know why the pro cards are more expensive and worth it? There are a few reasons. First, they are a lot more compatible w/ pro apps, and thus u won't have to worry that Maya won't startur correctly, like u do w/ gamer ati cards. Pro cards are very focused on 3d/cad apps, and they excel in that, conaidering their drivers are even optimized for OpenGL. In the price u pay, u r also paying for priveleges in better drivers, optimizations for pro apps (such as maxtreme for 3d s max), and overall more processing power in general apps. Also, image quality is a lot better on a Quadro DCC than GF3 when using a pro app, and this applies for other cards as well.

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  7. Err I think you're missing the point of his question. He is an 'amateur modeller' so one presumes $5000 and another few thousand for Maya would be a little out of his league! And apple computers are optimised for most of the packages you outline including Open GL. However, it was seeing your dick mentioned that has most offended me . Let's see. Will he go for your $8000 system or something more affordable and perfectly capable of doing the job.
  8. He hasn't old me his price limit yet. Once he does, I can advise him on GF mods if necessary. I use 3d s max (non professional use) and have spent well over 10 grand on stuff for it....

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  9. Actually Maya does bring up a good point. It's very picky on Video Cards. For example, someone at work that uses Maya, bought a GeForce3 card when they came out, and Maya didn't like it. So he had to trick Maya into thinking it was another kind of card to get it to work. By doing that, he lost the GeForce3 performance, and it wasn't any better than a GeForce2 GTS because of that.

    Lightwave seems ok, with cards. I know people using Lightwave on a GeForce2 MX 200 with dual monitors, GeForce2 Ultra, and Radeon 7500 w/ dual monitors. So you will probably getting rocking performance with the new Radeon 128MB coming out, and the GeForce4 4600.

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  10. I've heard that the new Quaddro is gonna be good and if it's priced nicely and coupled with a Dual MPAthlon 2000 and 2GbDDR or so that could well put a few cats amongst the pigeons! It would be hard to beat for price/performance .
  11. Quaddro,Quattra,Quatra? whatever...
  12. Lol, Quattro is a version of Audi cars. It's Quadro. Too bd I ain't gettin Guadro 4, waiting for Quadro 5's:)

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  13. Maybe an Owdy graphics car/d would do the job.
  14. Huh?

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  15. The radeon fire gl 8800 is out for $699 at enpc.com not as fast as the quadro 4 but much cheaper, just extending your options not saying this is the one to get. Easy with language flamethrower kids are watching.
  16. They are? Hmm. I have a question- what specific driver optimizations like maxtreme does fire gl 8800 have?

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