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I installed a Geforce2 GTS in my trusty (or is that "rusty") old Pentium II Gateway and have a problem. When running a 3D game with the hardware accelleration at full it runs perfectly, big improvement over my old card. But if using regular 2D applications it will randomly lock-up and go unrespovsive. The only way I can avoid this is to turn the hardware accelleration setting to "LOW" and reboot.
I have tried both Win98 drivers that came on the CD and also downloaded the newest version from Nvidia, but nothing seems to help. I also downloaded Powerstrip and using the diagnostic report I notice that my system board uses AGP revision 1.00 and the new graphic card has AGP revision 2.00. Could this be the problem? Is there a way to fix this in the Bios or something. I have also tried Intel's newest chipset driver for the 440LX but that didn't help either.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I dont know which motherboard you have, but the settings for the AGP slot should be adjustable ie. 1x or 2x depending on what the board supports. But I would assume you would have conflicts running a 2x AGP card in a 1x slot. You can go to Gateway's website and with some digging around in the tech support section find all tech specs on your particular mobo. Hope this helps a little.

    The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
  2. The Intel 440LX motherboard can run 1x or 2x and the card can go 1x,2x or 4x. I checked and I am running in the 2x speed.
    It is the "AGP revision" whatever that is that is different, the mother board is revision 1.00 and the card is revision 2.00.
    I contacted Gateway about the problem and asked if there was a newer updated bios and chipset drivers and the responce I got was that the Geforce 2 GTS-V that I bought won't work with my system because it uses DDR SGRAM. For some reason they won't tell me if there is an updated Bios for my system, I asked twice.
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