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I read somewhere that the 8500DV quality is not far from the retail 8500. Is it true? I doubt this because the DV is cleary clocked lower 380 compared to 550. And also, is the bucks worth to buy 8500DV rather than AIW 7500?

Thx alot

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  1. Quality? Quality-wise, the R8500DV and the R8500 are identical. Performance-wise, it's not too far apart. The R8500DV rests in between the GF3Ti200 and the original GF3 in performance.

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  2. does that performance also take into account driver support? i actually am thinking about getting an aiw8500 but have heard bad things about their driver. actually i have only heard that they aren't good, can anyone give me specifics on why the ati drivers aren't good?

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  3. If i dont play 1st person shooter games, can aiw 7500 cope with my other game? I am not planning to upgrade for 2-3 years, so can the aiw 7500 hold that long?


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