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GF3 freezes in windows!!!

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March 4, 2002 7:55:21 PM

Whoever help me solve this problem and i will do anythin'..

MSI-6380(266) mobo [with the latest via upgrade (14.37]
AMD 1333
256 DDR
40 GB quantum (7200)
dvd pioneer 116
cd-rw yamaha 20x10x40
sound blaster 5.1
tower 300W
leadtek GeForce 3

When i purchased this computer i used the display drivers that came with leadtek. Everything worked fine. But when i try to upgrade to any other driver version (21.80 or 23.11 or.. by nvidia or leadtek) the system freezes during windows at random timing. But the craziest part of this story is that during games everything works PERFECT (i used 3dmark, overcloaked the card, demading games, everythin' works fine except @#$%windows!!!)

CAN ANYONE ADVICE ME? (please.. its very frustrating to change drivers whenever you want to play a game!!)

(detailed information::::) 
-first of all, i use win98 first edition,
-secondly, i had the same problem with any via 4 in 1 driver.
-power supply model:: LPH6-300W (extends to 160W for 3.3&5.5 V). I had gone so mad,yesterday, that i unpluged all my computer's parts(includin' mobo) repluged them in case of bad connectin' ...
NO luck, but i didn't fetch the case[chassis]. Also I had my room's window open so that the cpu tmp was +-55C [Vcore 1,76V//Voltage 1,23V//FAN 4856 rpm//Battery 3,20V].
THese numbers are different than the ones with case closed [cpu tmp 60-65, even 72 for summer days]. I re-installed 23.11 and crashes minimazed. I still can't use photoshop or even asdsee, or perform complex tasks, but windows doesnt crash so often.
Can it be power supply or heat problem? Please continue advice me!!!! [i also noticed that my GF3's heat sink was very hot.Could my GF3 be the problem {please NOOO}]
Should i purchase new fan or power supply or ... ... ..
[And if you think that this is a heat problem, why my computer doesn't crash during games????]

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March 6, 2002 6:20:13 PM

Ok I understand your pain, question for you. Do you get any sort of error message relating to direct draw after you reboot? I ask because I have a setup very close to yours, and I also have the problem only I’m using windows XP and have it set to reboot on a fatal error. I always get a message that the Geforce3 had an error in direct draw. I have the same Motherboard and video card as you. I have just reformatted yesterday and have not installed newer drivers and so far have not had a problem. However I have not had it up and running long since the reformat was last night. I will test it with the original drivers for a week or so to confirm I do not have the same problem before upgrading to newer drivers. Most of the time I have the problem is just browsing explorer folders or moving windows, not in areas you would expect like heavy graphic gaming. While I’m sure this post doesn't solve anything for you at least it should narrow it down to the video card and a direct draw issue. Maybe one of us will find a stable set of newer drivers as to end the madness.

Glad I'm not alone in this, I was beginning to wonder