What happens when overclocking goes wrong?

Currently i have a faded picture on my monitor and banding across it -- the picture is ruined and i checked all cables are in good and drivers are reinstalled etc etc. even reinstalled windows to be sure. So, is this terrible picture due to the overheating or something else. If it's not the overheating, what DOES happen when a chip gets overclocked too much, will it even work?

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  1. You sure it's not the monitor going bad?

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  2. your monitor probably needs to be taken to a repair shop, it is most probably because of some chip that controls the horizontal scan of the CRT are broken, or maybe your CRT is starts to show it's age, but thats just my prediction. it's better if you take it to a pro and get it checked out.
    If u overclock a chip, it tend to produce more heat, if the heat aren't conducted away quickly, in a long period of time, the chip will simply stop working due to overheating. think of it as if you are having a fever, you'll get temperature rite?, if it's really high say 45 degree, for a long period of time u'll most likely to fry your brain, well same happens to the chip.
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