Verto™ GeForce4 Ti 4600 Video Card???

Right now in some CompUSA's they are selling these grapic cards. What are peoples takes on this brand? Why don't I ever see a review for these guys. Should I hold out for a different brand?? Your thoughts please!

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  1. The brand is actually PNY (PNY Technologies) they're more well known as a memory maker, but they make graphics cards too.

    The name Verto is just the name of their product line, as in the PNY Verto Geforce4 Ti4600 etc etc. I have not seen a review of this specific card, but if you did a google search you might find one.

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  2. Just bought one, (work at COMP part-time) we only had a shipment of 4 of them come in. And that is low esp for having it in this weeks sales flyer. I made sure to buy it the day it came in. We only have 1 left.

    The card rocks, ships with nvidia reference drivers. I was a bit worried about buying a PNY product but they do make lots of RAM.

    The board is just a reference board. Works great! Love it.

    Only drawback is that the nvidia refresh-rate fix for Win XP and 2000 does not work with the version of the dentnator drivers.

    So I am stuck running games at 60HZ refresh. It does look horrible when you were running 85HZ with a G-force-3.

    Nice card. Another drawback is that these cards are HUGE. I have the Antec Black Server case and I had to remove my damm hard drives from the bays before I could fit this card in my system.
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