Radeon8500 Omega drivers???

Is anyone also using these unofficial drivers? Under WinXP, using ATI's drivers, I wasn't able to get the stability and performance, but using the Omega drivers I am.

Just want to know what others think about them.

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  1. I had stability problems and slowdowns using them on Windows 2000, and was unable to use them on 98. ATI has been doing wonderfull things to improve the stability of their cards with drivers, but it is only garunteed if you use their officialy released drivers.

    I do not like it Tom you see,
    I do not like green PCB.
  2. That's funny because under XP Pro, the only drivers that gave me stability were the Omega drivers. None of the official drivers would work well.

    "Put your desk in the corner." - Stephen King
  3. I've been thinking about downloading the Omega drivers but I didn't know anything about them, Anyone know how good they are with windowsXP.

    Also with my older Radeon DDR 64mb I noticed the newer drivers were slowing down the card, so I havent goten any of the last 3 or so driver releases by ati, so could anyone tell me if this problem was fixed.
  4. I noticed the 9013's gave my Radeon 64MB VIVO a couple hundred extra 3DMarks(SE). 9021 gave me a couple dozen more.

    I AM Canadian
  5. interesting .. I had problems with the 9021's ( thread in graphics forum) I reverted to the 9017's


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