Reboots under WinXP stating vid card

Well after reading so many threads till my eyes bugged out... I think it is time to just start posting and hope someone knows this problem.

Ok first off.... I just started using the NT platform about 3 days ago. So I am still a green as they come to this OS.

Computer specs as of when I installed WinXP Pro.
MSI KT266 Pro with the 1.4 BIOS
2 sticks of PC2100 256MB Crucial 2.5 mem
60 gig IBM Deskstar (Is the main OS drive-converted over to NTFS)
13 gig Maxtor (my poor man's raid. other words, just my backup HD)
T-Bird 1.33
GeForce3 Morpheus with the latest drivers on WinXP.
Hercules GameTheater XP 4.10 drivers
Logitech Optical mouse 2+wheel (no drivers installed.. scrolling choppy in IE)
Logitech Keyboard.
Pioneer DVD 115

Anarchy Online
Halflife (not till 2nd install)
MS Pro office w/ FP
and WinXP SP1

Oh clean installed WinXP and installed all them programs but CounterStrike and GameSpy.

Everything was going good till about 1 hour after I started surfing and installing Anarchy Online. Then I started to get reboots. With the pop up error saying this error.....
The driver for the display devise was unable to complete a drawing operation.
Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update.

I thought it was just my G3 going because I was getting errors before in win98. This was a bad G3 and the company folded and or went into hiding for I tried to get my money back but they just ignored many of us... anyhoot that is another story.

So then I seen there was a sale going on with the ATI 8500 for $140. I know this card is not as "FPS fast as a G3" but the card is a steal at that price tag.

Ok so all the same computer specs as above but this time ATI with the drivers and I updated my BIOS to 1.8.

this was what I was getting on this card for the reboot error....
Error signature
szAppName : Drivers.Display szAppVer : 1002514C00013A1002
szModName : ati2dvag.dll szModVer : Offset : AA1306EA

The driver for the display devise was unable to complete a drawing operation.
Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update.


Blue Screen Message (after unchecking: Reboot on Error)

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
The problem seems to be cause by the following file: ati2dvag

The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop.

***stop: 0x000000EA [0xff2DC3A8, 0xffBC6640, 0x81FD6ED8, 0x00000001]

So I then went and did an uninstall through safe mode, removing every and any ATI driver, registry key and inf file.
I the installed the ATI using the same drivers above. Still gave me that reboot error about every 5-20 minutes.

Again I did a safe mode, uninstall all... this time I went with the leaked beta drivers, 6043
much better performance and the reboots still happen but I went 6-7 hours before one happend. Same error as above.

Well if someone could toss me an idea or four on how to fix this, I then could get back to enjoying my computer.


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  1. Have you completly removed the old Nvidia drivers?
    Use this<A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A> to completly remove the Nvidia,your problem should go away...

    Nvidia drivers have the tandency of leaving parts in your regestry giving errors when new ATI drivers are installed afther you had Nvidia card.

    If the problem still there ,look at your memory sticks.

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  2. Thanks for the ideas...
    2 things though, will that Det Destroyer work under WinXP? Then when I try to DL the program, I get Page not Found, when I click on Download Det Destroyer. Nothing is listed under Downloads as well :(

  3. Then go get it <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>.

    For the XP go on the .exe of destroyer and right click on it , you'll see the compatibility tag ,set it up to voila!

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  4. I'd swap some memory sticks. Go down to just one stick, try it a while and if you still get the error swap sticks.
  5. This problem you describe is something I have been having too. Sorry to say that this has no fix at the moment and this problem is "common" - so get in the boat. I have been looking for a fix but all I can find are posts of others on other sites that go back 3+ months. I can tell you the root of the problem has not been found as of yet but there are many speculations and this is not limited to ATi cards or any specific chipset but that it is mostly centered around Windows XP and 2k and Microsoft is well aware of the problem and are working with some other companies to find a solution. I don't know how long they have been working on it but from the info I have found, there wont be a fix for a while. I could be wrong, but you can look at these articles and posts to get a better feel for the problem and, for now, live with it.

    And you can see posts buy searching for "ati2dvag.dll" in yahoo or something. There are some fixes but they have worked for VERY few people, like updating BIOS and drivers and changing BIOS settings....... It stil happens with me and like the others, I'm pissed.
  6. Thanks a ton! That helps shed some light on the matter at hand.

    I have not had this problem too often once I disabled some settings and reverted the theame back to classic and disabled the shadowing effects. Like mouse shadowing and so forth. I used Tweak3d's XP guide <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> he walks you though on how to find these options and change them. (remeber to BACK EVERYTHING up first though so you can roll back if you mess something up)

    I also did a full uninstall of the vid drivers. But did it through safe mode and reinstalled the drivers through safe mode. Bypassing the auto installing of hardware that XP loves to do. This has not "fixed" the problem but I have cut back from getting this error every few hours to once in a week or so.

    Microsoft's idea to drop win98 to not supported, I feel was a bad move. Least not till they had XP working better than it has.

    Again thanks for the replies and the info. It is good to know it was not my error but XP's.
  7. dude,i have the same problem. although it seems to happen to me on direct 3d games more than open gl games,wierd. and it has never happened while in regular windows,only in games.

    i have a visiontek g4 4600

    i've only gotten the error message once,but i have gotten that damn blue screen a few times. i did like you and went into safe mode and uninstalled the driver for the g4 and this seemed to stop the blue screens,not the lockup though.

    Also,one more question,does your monitor go black and the yellow light come on,causing you to restart? thats what it makes mine do. this ALWAYS happens when i run the wolf tech demo that came on the instillation cd....

    if anyone else has had this problem,please post something,so i'll know that i'm not the only one!!!
  8. Also,the last card i had was a g3 ti 500,nothing like this ever happened with that card.

    my specs are

    xp 1600+
    512ddr ram
    asus a7n266-e (nvidia board)
    visiontek g4 ti 4600
  9. ok,just got this error report

    The driver for the display devise was unable to complete a drawing operation.
    Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update.

    SZApp Name : Driver.display szAppVer : 10de0250a2000000000
    Nv4_disp.dll szmodVer: OFset E84Ro6EA

    anyone know wtf this means? defaulty card,or just something wrong with windows that microsoft needs to fix?

    i got this message after running the wolf demo,which caused my screen to go black and my monitors yellow light to come on,which caused me to hard reboot my pc.

    anyone else have this prob?
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