what games do you play at lans?

what kind of games do you guys play at lans? my freinds recently discovered MOH - AA and it's an awesome amount of fun for 8 hours on a saturday night. before that we played a lot of Urban Terror for Q3 and we still play wasteland every now and then, cause it's the best HL mod ever made.

anyone found anything really new and interesting? I found the Battle feild 1942 demo and that is fun, but it get's boring online, I want to try it on a lan where you can actually communicate with teammates.

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  1. warcraft 3, UT,AOE2, SOF2, tactical ops, c&c renegade, MOH, BF1942.....

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  2. unreal tournament 2003 is awsome, the demo is available for download. hope you have at the very least a geforce 1.

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  3. This past saturday it was in this order...

    1. Classic Half-Life Crowbar action.

    2. Jedi Knight II

    3. Counterstrike

    We only had a few hours...well say 10AM to 5PM. That is never enough time.

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  4. Our group, The DnD LAN Bash group of SouthEastern Michigan (<A HREF="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LANBash/" target="_new">http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LANBash/</A>), has an event about every other month nowadays, which starts Sat morning, and ends Sun afternoon. In September, we played Jedi Knight 2, Return to Castle Wolenstein, Warlords Battlecry 2, Alien versus Predator 2, and a little FireArms. In about a week and a half we are having another one, and I am sure Battlefield 1942 will take up most of the weekend. We should have UT2003 this weekend, and if so, that will get some serious attention, too.

  5. CS and warcraft 3
  6. I don't play them all but there are also...


    Battlefield 1942




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  7. Jedi Knight II, UT2003, Battlefield 1942 are fun.
    Has ne1 played worms armageddon, THAT was a fun online game

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  8. lol i downloaded that game. It is hilarious.

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