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Hey, I was plannning on setting up my 2 computers in a network using 3 network cards. 2 in my 1 computer and the third in the other computer. Now you have to use Crossover RJ45 cable to do run between the two computers. My question is is it possible to do this using normal straight through cat5 cable. I have 2 cords, can i just use a crossover connector to conect the two normal cables to make them crossover. Or can i take the end off one of the cables, switch the wiring and put a new end on.


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  1. It's possible to yank off one RJ45 and cross the cables, but you'd need a new one and a crimping tool to put the cable back together again. If you already have a straight through cable the best idea is to buy a little straight-crossover adaptor. I've seen these over here in the UK, for a very cheap price. Or you might be able to find the little adaptor you mention, which should work.

    You could always cut the cable in half in the middle and connect using terminal blocks or a connection box. This may invalidate cat5 regulations, but it rarely makes a difference when you've only got two PCs.

    I've always wired my own, but putting a standard RJ45 on the end of the cable is quite a skill.

    In the end, the pin connections should be pin 1->3, 2->6, 3->1, 6->2 ...for crossover. Pin 1 is the left pin when the cable is pointing toward you, with pins upward.
  2. I would use a hub in a case like this.Is there a reason why yer not wanting a hub?
  3. Mainly because i already have everything to make this work.

    The connecter that i have is for crossover cables. It is just a RJ45 connector. I took it apart and the wires inside seem to lead to the opposite side, so 1 goes to 6, 2 goes to 5 and so on. Is this the thing to connect them

  4. Speaking as a data cabler, if you can look at the ends, one end should be, pins up, white/orange, orange/white, white/green, blue/white, white/blue, green/white, white/brown, brown white. The other end will have the orange and the green pairs swapped. That is a crossover cable, and will work to direct connect 2 computers.
  5. If you'd like I can send you a diagram showing the wiring for both Hub cables and NON-hub cables.

    Justs edn me your E-mail address.

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