Network is slowing internet until i unplug clients

We have a small network with 12 clients in route to a switch up to a router and finally to a modem. Off of the switch is a server running Server 2008 R2. We are experiencing slow internet. The problem is on the network inside the building. Wen I disconnect different clients from the switch internet speeds pick up. Some days it is client 1 that we disconnect, other days it is client 2. Today I disconnect the server and Internet speed picks up. The problem seems to be floating through our office. Had many IT professionals work on this problem with no luck. Recently purchased a new Dell Server to see if that would solve the problem. Installers copied over all profiles, etc from original server and still having same problem. Replaced switch & router. Problem has not disappeared. Running a <tracert> at the CMD prompt and seeing speeds outside pick up from 2800MS to 35MS when we disconnect the clients and/or server. No software / backup is operating on the effected clients when this occurs.
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  1. I had a problem similar to this when we put in our new 2008 Server. I found out that in the DNS it was looking for a DNS address that didn't exist anymore, and was slowing everything down.
  2. What connection do you have? are you using gigabit switches? are clients all trying to get windows updates/av updates when you plug them in?

    Do you get good pings from all clients when pinging default gateway?
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