3 months in I don't miss the Start button.

Look I will be honest. I hated Windows 8.

My computer was on 7 my girlfriends computer was on Vista. If I hated 8 I hated Vista even more. I ended up installing it on my computer just to be running the same system and be the in house tech support to the GF.

Did I mention I hated 8.

I work in IT and work in a win7 environment all day and there are some thing I had to google that I never thought I would have to google.

How you go shutdown windows 8?
How do you get to the control panels in windows 8?
How do you boot in safe mode in windows 8?

I am not going to lie there are just some things did not pop out or that were well layed out.

I had my cursing nerd rage moments over the OS.


The ingorance floating around this OS is comical. "Do you need a touch screen to use 8?", "if I don't get a start button I will never buy 8!!!!''

"Change is bad!!!! Rabel, rabel, rabel." :fou:

To me once you figure out where they put things Win8 is just a slightly updated version of win7 with better start up time and free virus protection.

P.S. Most of the tiles in the much hated Metro start menu can:
1)be turned off or

Right click and add to the start menu and POOF you have a more colorful "Start button" back.

If your so in love with the desktop wait til it boots up and click the destop icon. Win 7 boot time straight to the desktop is still slower than windows 8 booting start and you clicking your mouse once.

This was not as all dramatic and most nerd ragers made it out to be.

Change happens... Get use to it...
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  1. Hi :)

    And your question is ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I have heard that all software installed on windows 8 is reported to microsoft! Any truth in that?
  3. Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt to be like Apple. It's closing up sadly.
  4. In general, I don't understand why they're forcing this on people. Lots of people don't like it, and won't adopt it because of that, so why didn't they simply let you disable metro? (simple, easy, and ensures FAR more profits for them) I know I'm not upgrading because of that. (otherwise, I almost certainly would)
  5. Add in a PC Kinect for your "touch screen" for some Minority Report novelty fun and Win8 isn't that bad. Even without this its not the end of the world. Once you get the hang of it you'll never looked back. I didn't upgrade to Win7 for quite some time as the interface was different from XP. I still don't "love" win7 because so much is hidden behind the scenes. XP was much more open. But as long as I don't dig to deep then Win7 and I get along fine.

    Supposedly no Knightdog. MS has said they simply check the program you are installing to see if they need to warn you that it might be malicious. What people are upset about is it seems to log your OS's number so that its possible for them to keep track of every program you've installed. MS claims they won't do that. And Google only accidentally recorded wifi data.... Add in the removal of built in DVD playback and there are a lot of weird things going on. (good things as well such as the faster boot up time, build in ISO support, etc.) I think its mostly people just not wanting to change.
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