P4 2,2Ghz with GF4 Ti 4600

I´m going to buy A Compaq with following specifikations:
P4 2,2Ghz, 1GB ddr-ram, GF4 Ti4600, SB Audigy, 120GB HD.
My question to u guys is how much this PC will be worth after three years?
I´m aware of the problems in determing this so give me your best guess.

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  1. after 3 yrs.. your machine would be about 35% of how much it is worth today.. well that's my prediction anyway
  2. A system depreciates the moment you bring it home, exactly like a new car.

    An OEM, proprietary system like a Compaq is even worse, as after three years there may not be any kind of driver support, and there might be a new operating system on the market you'll want to run. And these kind of systems rarely have a decent cooling solution, which greatly decreases the functional life span of the internal components.

    An experienced user is going to realize this, and take it into account when you are ready to sell. And each year, it's going to become more and more difficult to find someone inexperienced enough to buy the system just because of the brand name.

    Let's suppose, hypothetically, that this is a Presario 8000 system that costs an even three grand at this moment. In a year, that could depreciate to as low as $750.00, or a quarter of the initial purchase price. In another year, less than half of that.

    I'll swap you a middle-of-the-road video card for that $3000.00 dollar computer in three years to sell as a first system for a child, and that would be because you're my pal, and I feel bad that you were stuck with a Compaq desktop for three years. Unless you upgrade the components while you own the system, and with an OEM machine, you may discover some exasperating limitations in that area as time goes by. Not to mention a hot markup on the Compaq prices vs ordinary retail. We won't even get into wholesale prices ... I don't like making people irritable.

    I'll undoubtedly also base my decision on making the swap on whether I can do anything to improve the system, such as adding a new video card, a cooling fan, and if the PSU needs replaced. If replacing a part isn't cost-effective, you might end up donating it to a local school to take it off your taxes. Because I just won't be able to bring myself to buy it from you.


    I had a customer bring me a Compaq he bought two years ago from Radio Shack. He had paid $1200.00 for the system. I took it in trade to help pay for the labor when I built his new system, which cost three hundred dollars less than the Compaq, and is many, many times faster.

    I added a 128MB stick of SDRAM and a fan, and sold it to a neighbor for $50.00.

    I felt kinda guilty, because I made a profit. But business is business, and I made no bones about what he was buying. It was good for getting on the Internet and checking email, but not much else. An 8MB integrated video card doesn't allow for much in the way of modern games, and the motherboard had no AGP slot.

    It was junk, IMHO, especially with a Cyrix processor ... but better than nothing.

    Remember, you asked for my best guess!


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  3. ok...if you are going to spend the big bucks with all those specs. that you listed...you dont want 2nd rat parts Compaq. Compaq sucks(im on one haha) but for the quality that you are looking for...if you are willing to spend around $6,000 you can get the best PC known to the publkic with all your specs.(or better) at Voodoo.ca ---- Voodoo Computers are Top Notch..they are the best. After 3 years...you will find that your high class Voodoo PC will be about 2 times worse as the high class computer 3 years from now (According to Moore's Law, Computer speeds double about every year). But, A high class Voodoo PC today will be so great performance...you wont ever need or want to buy another PC for at least 6 years.

    Compaq=sucks (cheap)
    Voodoo=World Class (expensive but perfomance)

    Hope I helped you some,

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  4. You don't have to spend $6,000 to have "world-class performance". You could find somone on this board to build your system for you for probably $100 over the cost of parts. It would probably be close to Voodoo in terms of benchmarks, and probably better in some areas. With Voodoo your paying top dollar for pretty cabling that with some time could be done yourself. I myself don't care to pay $6000 for a $3,800 computer just so my cables look pretty.
  5. if you have time build it yourself, IMHO building a model car is infinitly harder than building a computer. Plus if you build it yourself you will save alot of money and you will have the pride of being able to do such an amazing task(after you build it you will laugh at how simple it is but it does impress others). anyways, no matter what you buy its going to be old news in a year or so, at least if you take the initiative on building a computer now upgrading it later will be easier for you...btw if you do decide to build a computer or if you want someone here to build you a computer just post again...everyone here is more than happy to help you
  6. Probably 10-15% of what you pay. The economic life of computer hardware is about 3 years - there isn't much left in terms of value afterwards.

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  7. VoodooPCs are pretty cool, but for the high-end stuff, I tend to go for Alienware. The Antec cases they use are very nicely put together, upgrading is a snap, and their support is pretty decent, from all accounts.
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