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Consent.exe is hanging...

Last response: in Windows 7
July 24, 2010 6:07:49 PM

Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded a game called Crimecraft... When the downloader was finished it asked me if I wanted to install the game right then... I clicked no... a few moments later it asked again (because I left the downloader program from there official site open) and this time I accidentally hit a key and it went to yes... Then the UAC (user account control) went into affect and since I didn't really want to install it at the moment I clicked not to allow (which I knew was probably a mistake right when I did it :(  )... Now every time I try to open the installer for the game the folder just freezes and the mouse has the loading circle next to it when I hover over the folder... I went to the task manager and it is showing that 'consent.exe' is using about 7-13 of my idle process but will never actually pop up to ask me again if I want to allow it... I guess my question is: Does anyone know how I can re-allow this to install? Is it like a firewall where there are specific program controls and it knows whether to consistently deny or allow a certain signature to process?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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July 24, 2010 6:23:04 PM

Sorry for wasting a thread... I figured it out... I just disabled the UAC while I was installing the software...

For anyone who doesn't know how to disable the UAC... It is quite simple...

In the search box on the 'start menu' just search for UAC... It will find the User Account Control settings... Then drag the slider down to the bottom...

I thought I still had a problem because the software then extracted and took about 5 mins for it to actually start the install... All the while vsmon.exe was steady doing something... But it is installing now!

Sorry about the quick thread... I guess I should leave my gun holstered for a bit longer before I start firing away, huh...