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Windows XP Pro will only allocate resources to half of my video card (ATI Rage Fury Maxx). I get error 'This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)'. I have removed everything from my system (motherboard: ASUS tusl2-c socket 370, Intel 815ep chipset, processor : celeron 1.11g, 256MB of ram), giving it all my system resources, but still same error. Everything ran fine under windows 98 & ME. Please help.
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  1. The Rage Fury Maxx is a discontinued product that doesn't completely support Windows XP. You'll get better compatiblity and supportunde Windows 98 and Me.

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  2. what it is is it will not use the secondary processor.. not a great loss as most software never used it either.. basically what you have now is a ati rage 128 32 mb in your system as far as xp is concerned


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