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i am a resource freak. by this i mean that i only like my clock, volume, and resource meter running in the backround, i like to have atleast 80% resource free, 90% when i first boot up. i avoid using active desktop and other little extras so that my computer runs as smoothly as possible.

i want to buy the AIW 8500. i want to use some of the neat things like being able to wacth TV and use my computer as a vcr. so how much does it bog down the computer when you guys watch tv? does the computer get noticably slower like when you send a print job to a printer or is it less so like when you scan a picture on a usb scanner? and those neat programs that coem with the AIW, do they always pop up when you start up and take up resources? in general, does the AIW software slow the computer down?

repeat after me, we are all individuals!
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  1. hello, would anyone like to reply to me?

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  2. In general i dont see any differances ,for the progams i disabled them when first installed for them not to pop up,i hate when a prog pops up when not requested.

    Mine is Oc to 275/275 but i was lucky to get a 3.6ns memory on it.

    When i watch tv (rarely) is when i have time to loose (i.e when burning a cdrom)and never saw any slow downs in my system.

    For the recording part...well i hope you got a BIG HD,i got down recently to 60G only (2x 30G in raid)before going to the Raid way i had 120G(had to sell it) now it's not long to full up my drives (+2h hours of recording = +/- 40G).

    Just love the card !!!

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  3. Well, to save resources, I never click any of the non-essential items will installing hardware, with PCI & AGP cards containing a crap load of unneeded sheet (often times EVERYTHING on the list that you can check is extra). After installing, I always check my startup to ensure nothing snuck in, which something usually does (System Info, System Config Util to check). I don't know about AIW's processor usage for the tuner, but my Voodoo's TV tuner uses almost NO processing power, as the video-in is almost completely self-contained in the graphics card. And heavy usage for printing depends on the job, but most are minimal. So if you're worried about AIW's programs taking up too many resources, just don't install any of the extra crap (you may not need any of it if you already have 3rd party software for things like DVD playback, and what not). I didn't install the extra programs on my Radeon 7500, like TV-Out manager, or DVD, and it works just fine (all the duel display/tv out controls already came with the display properties update, so the self-loading program did no more than waste resources). And if you do decide to install the extra crap, just remove their auto-loaders from your Windows Startup.

    If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
  4. I have a Aiw on one of my computer! running at oc 195/195, I never notice any slowdown at all using tv tuner while running other day to day program, stuff like ie or outlook etc! although I am sure it will take some hit same as any other program!

    correct me if I am wrong, I do believe aiw mpeg video capture/tuner is bacially all hardware and so doesn't really use much cpu cycle at all!

    ps: one really cool thing about ati tv tuner is when you min the tuner, the "background desktop become the television with you icon/program on top! really neat!!
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