Problems with ATI 8500

Thx for reading my problem first.

I have just bought a NEW ATI 8500 board(275MHz) but I found it strange. First I discribe my system :

AMD 1600+ CPU

The preformance is strange.
3D Mark2000 --- 5346
3D Mark2001 SE --- 7354

both of them are using the default setting.
Are the readings too low?? for 3D mark 2001 SE??
How can I improve the preformance of it??

The driver that I am using is
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  1. 3d mark2000 is directx 7 bench .. the ati gets better scores in 3dmark2001se because it is a direct x 8.1 card and so is that benchmark .. your 2001 se scores are reasonable for a non overclocked setup such as you have.. try the 6043 drivers you will possibly eke a few more points out of the direct x bench and greatly improve opengl scores ( serious sam and similar games \ benchmarks)


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  2. You can greatly improve performance by getting the 6043 drivers at Rage3D.

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  3. your score seems ok...but why are you using the 6014 drivers?...if i remember correctly...that driver is for win 2k...not xp...
    and like what AMD_Man said...get the 6043 drivers...they significantly increase performance of your R8500.

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  4. The drivers for XP and 2K are the same.

    Make sure all the rest of your drivers are also up to date. Sound card and Motherboard, as well as make sure you have all the latest Windows 2K updates, including the compatability update.

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  5. windows 2k drivers: 6014
    <A HREF="!" target="_new">Win 2k</A>

    win xp drivers: 6015
    <A HREF="!" target="_new">Win XP</A>

    they may be the same....but the numbers sure are different...

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  6. I might be something else than an driver issue in your system

    U should be pulling close to 10k 3dmarks in 2000

    Lagger what are u talking about?
  7. Thx for all of you help first.
    I have tried the 6043 driver and it really helps me but I have another question in overclocking?? How can I futher push up my mark for 2001SE?? by steppin gup the voltage supply for the diaplay card??
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