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I have an old computer that has XP as it's operating system. I am the only user on the machine. I am giving the computer to a friend and want to have it so when ir boots and when START is pressed, his name appears instead of mine. I also want my name to not be associated with this computer at all. I created another account with the friends name as the user and gave it administrator sanction. I then logged on as him and deleted my account. However when I boot up, my name still appears and I am forced to enter his name as the user.

How can I accomplish what I want to do or is it not possible?

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  1. Are you using the classic login from Windows 2000, where you have to type in the username?

    In <b>Control Panel</b>, go to <b>Local Security Settings</b>. Under <b>Local Policies</b> > <b>Security Options</b>, enable <i>Interactive logon: Do not display last user name</i>.

    Does that help?


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