GF3+XP=no 1600x1200?

Hi all, I've been doing some fresh installs with WinXP and for some reason I can't play D3D games at 1600x1200. OpenGL games can use 1600x1200 but not Direct 3D games. Everything driverwise is up to date. It seems to be a Win XP issue since the same card (XTasy 6964) would run 16x12 in D3D on another non-XP rig. Anyone else have this problem? This is my only issue.

Thanks, John
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  1. ? you're complaing because you can't play a GAME at 1600x1200?

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  2. Adult responses only, thanks.
  3. Write an Email to either Microsoft or VisionTek.. I would like to know the out come.

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  4. Been there done that...been waiting on reply...
  5. Update:

    From visionTek support: Please make sure the right .inf is loaded for your monitor....

    thats some great tech support right there....

    I guess they think the .inf will work for D3D but not OGL if it's the incorrect .inf?

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