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I have the Leadtek Winfast Geforce2MX SHMAX card, and I was just messing with the overclocking settings a little bit. I didn't overclock it TOO much, only a little but I'm wondering what the default settings are just in case. There's a button to select the default settings but it's always ghosted for some odd reason. I have it at 211MHz graphics clock speed and 365MHz memory clock speed. If anyone else has this card, could you tell me what a recommended safe overclock would be for this card?
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  1. I would use a heavy 3D app to test it, such as 3D Mark. Then overclock the memory one setting at a time between tests, until it gets artifacts (weird lines, block, patches or pixels on the screen). Once you see artifacts, exit immediately (esc key for 3D-Mark) and go down 5MHz. Then do the same for the video chip. If you do it this way you'll run into minor glitches far before you can cause any damage.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. So basically, the card will be safe and not burnout on me or whatever if it can handle any speed below the breakpoint where it starts to artifact?
  3. Exactly. A crazy person would push the card too far to begin with, well past the point of artifacts, overheat and damage it. But you get artifacts at a speed far below the breaking point.

    Remember that the card heats up over time, so running the test in a loop for an hour or similar will allow you to get up to full temp, to make sure there are no artifacts.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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