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I just bought a new hard drive because I didn't have enough space on my old one and I had a question about putting all my stuff on it. I have the system builders version of windows 7 64 bit (at least i'm assuming since I sent in for it with my system builders version of windows vista). So what I want to know is if I can just do a straight up fresh install of windows 7 on the new hard drive and move all my other data over or if I need to make an image of the hard drive and move it over that way?
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    You can do either of those options really. If you dont want to have to reinstall all your applications then the image option is the best. However you must be care in that Win 7 has a 100 MB Partition that it sets up at install which needs to be factored in. You could do a Backup using Win 7 Back Up and then do a Recovery to the new drive. If you want a nice fresh install then install Win 7 on the new drive and copy the basic data over such as pictures, documents etc. Personally I would go for the Fresh Install.
  2. if you have an external drive you could do an "easy transfer" where it will save all your settings and programs(if you choose to) and move it to windows 7 process is fairly simple
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