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Hiya all,

I've got an old P2-350 with a rather dodgy diamond 16 mb video card and a monster 3d 2 video accelerator (total 28 Mb video ram). I have purchased a new system, but would like to keep this one around for a while.

My question is - what is a good video card to upgrade to? Obviously I don't want to buy anything that is over the top, as spending more money than necessary is rather a waste of time. I was looking at a gigabyte radeon 7000 with 64 mb sdram (probably more than I need, but I can get it fairly cheaply) or maybe some sort of TNT2. The geforce 2s are still fairly expensive here in australia and probably more than I need anyway.

Anyway, this forum's knowledge would be most appreciated,

Many thanks in advance

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  1. 3D Prophet™ 4000XT Video Card, 32MB, PCI
    GeForce2™ MX64 Video Card, 32MB, PCI
    CARDEXpert TNT2 Video Card, PCI, 32MB
    Champion 32 Video Card, PCI, 32MB
    Verto™ TNT2-M64 Video Card, PCI, 32MB
    GeForce2™ MX200 Video Card, PCI, 32MB

    these are all good cards under 69.99 you can get them on line at compusa here's a link
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  2. If you're still PCI, stay with what you have. Otherwise, the Radeon will probably do well in your system, and is a beter upgrade than the TNT2.

    I do not like it Tom you see,
    I do not like green PCB.
  3. TNT2 is superior to TNT2 M64 or Vanta, and, surprisingly enough, faster than even the MX200. Radeon LE is the next price step up statesid, don't know if you can find them down there. The Radeon VE is severely limmited in performance probably to TNT2 levels.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Thanks for all those replies :)

    I'll probably jump in with the gigabyte radeon 7000. Radeon 8500 LEs out here still cost at least 500 dollars! (250 of yours!!!) and a full blown radeon 8500 (275/275) will set you back about 700! It's absolutely ridiculous. I'd get stuff shipped over from the US but it'd probably be more trouble than it's worth.

    Thanks for the info on TNT2s. I didn't realise the M64 was a lesser product!

    So my choices are: A sparkle riva TNT2, 32 MB = $AUS 77 (about $US 40)
    or the Gigabyte ATi Radeon 7000 64MB, TV Out = $AUS 123 (about $US 65).

    The cost between these two is not overly prohibitive, but likewise if the gigabyte would only outperform by, say, 5% or so, I'd grab the TNT2. (If anyone is kind enough to give me some further advice =) )

    On a side note the sparkle was the only riva TNT2 I could find - all the rest are M64s or Vantas.

    Oh yes, my board actually has an AGP2x slot, so that is a factor too.

    Once again, many thanks.

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