Netgear MR814 hangs after a indefinite period

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Dear Experts,

I am having a big headache over my newly purchased Netgear MR814

I bought this router to replace my old MR314, which has served me flawlessly
in the past three years. I set up the router and connected to the Internet
without any problems (SBC Yahoo! PPPoE). However, after the router is
up running for a indefinite period of time, it just stop responding to
computer request. That is, no Internet traffic, not responding to pings,
and can no longer be accessed via

The only way to regain access is to reset the router by recycling its power.
It will work well for a period of time and freeze again like before. I can
not ]
find any regular patterns on how to get the router hang. And the uptime is
from 1 hr to 1 day.

At first I thought it is a defect router. I have since exchanged for a new
and the problem still presists. The router has the newest firmware version.

I am so frustrated and any help is greatly appreciated!
Please respond to group or email me:

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    Is this a version 2 or version 1 model? I just got a v2, and have
    been using it about 5 days and I haven't experienced this problem.
    I'm running the latest firmware as well.

    I don't use PPPoE, so maybe it is related to that.

    I did some quick searches, and have seen people who have had problems
    with the MR814 changing the MTU value when using PPPoE.

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