Problems With Radon 8500 on ABIT BX6 V2.0

Hi there...

I have run in to problems. I just bought this new Radon8500 and mounted it in my ABIT BX6 V2.0, hit the power aaand... I did not see my normal boot schreen, but a wierd wihte and bluish pic. made of small kind of flaching or "running" squares!! I thuoght... OK mayby it gets better when it reaches windows. it did'nt!! Now my AGP seams to be all dead, I can't get nothing out of it, eaven if I remount my old Voodoo 3 again!! So I'm writing this on some old PCI card! )o:

Now if anybody have any idear about what is wrong and sugestions about what to do now, i'd realy like to hera about it! :o)

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  1. Sounds like you fried the AGP slot. You're motherboard probably didn't support the voltage of the R8500. Sorry.

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  2. Well AMD Man...

    I think that I better go get myself an AMD then!! :0)
    Thanks any way!

    Later Kasper
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