Ok., I'm pulling hair out here. let me first start out on system specs.
win2k with latest detonator drivers.
k7dragon board
pny ge3 ti 200 video card with 2 monitor out/svideo out.
2 monitors, 17 inch, diff companies.

Here is my gripe., well problem.

I brought home a new monitor today, plug the old monitor in the extra monitor port, reboot system. It doesn't let me use the second monitor (to my knowledge) to.. what i want. it just mirrors what's showing here! instead of expanding the desktop. I KNOW there is an easy solution to this. Oddly, when i plugged this monitor in to the primary output, it didn't say about "detecting new monitor, device" shouldn't it ask for one? BAH. i'm so sick of messing with this pile right now, and about to take the monitor back just because PNY won't answer a phone call. NOW. If anyone has a logical explanation why i can't simply find an option within the display properties, or advanced, ANYWHERE, to have 2 monitors... please tell.

When i had my RAdeon ve it was simply plugging in the monitor, no ****ing hassles, whatsoever.

why is it happening.

thanks for any input that is helpful..or if there is a step by step guide on how to add a flippin 2nd monitor ... tell me.

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  1. Ah to the best of my knowledge GF3 NEVER supported dual monitors at once...most of the cards have a S-video, DVI, and VGA connection but you can only use ONE at a time. its mostly a driver issue, not till the GF4 came out did they start supporting Dual Monitors with their NView software. Sorry dude. If in doubt and you think the cards pny...
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