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I am looking for a new graphics card. I have narrowed my decision down to two cards. I have chosen these cards because I am a Nvidia fan boy (hey at least I am honest) I don’t want to have to over clock it, I want to drop it in my motherboard and be on my way. So here are the cards Geforce 3 TI500 or a Geforce 4 4400. You would think it would be smarter to go with the newer card but the TI 500 benchmarks are a tad bit better the 4. Or maybe I am looking at it wrong, your opinion would mean a lot. On Monday (1st) I will buy the card you recommend. Thanks for taking the time to write a post and damn you people for viewing the post and leaving.
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  1. GF4 defitnitly
  2. The GF4 is the better card - that is an easy decision ;)

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  3. Hey
    I reckon def the Gf4-4400. Any new Gf4 Ti will pretty much outrun the Gf3 Ti500, and i think it has a fwe new features in it too. The extra speed, plus the huge ram will also be a bonus in the future. Considering that they are about the same price Gf4 for sure. Have a look at tom's benchmarks if u need to .

  4. Why don't you go with the GF4 ti4600, is there a money issue ?

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  5. the Ti4400 Spanks the Ti500, I assure you that what ever benchmarks you saw were either wrong, or you interpreted them incorrectly.
    If you need more persuasion visit <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com" target="_new">hardocp</A> and go through their news and read reviews on several Ti4400s. Also when you go to make your purchase think about using <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com" target="_new">pricewatch</A> because you can probably find an excelent deal where you will pay maybe $20 more for a HUGE performance boost over Ti500. And if you don't want to have to overclock and be set with your video card even long considering going for a Ti4600. The eVGA models are priced competitively and are getting excelent reviews.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
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