win xp pro fresh install problem

The install starts but when it's gone like 20secs it brings the following error:

'File setupdd.sys could not be loaded. The error code is 4. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.'

I've searched the internet for an answer, but all they say it might be PCI cards, don't have any, or RAM, I have 2x256 333mhz ddr dimms. They're new, used like 15min maybe. and the bios detects them well, running at 333mhz. motherboard is gigabyte GA-7N400E-L (nForce2 ultra 400). CPU is athlon xp 2600+. graphcard is XFX geforce FX5200 128mb. hard drive is Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80GB 7200rpm. power, codegen 350w.

I'd appriciate a lot if someone know what the heck is wrong here. Just bought a new comp and it'd be nice to get it to work... =/

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  1. Just because your memory is new, and the bios detects it properly, doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with it. Going by what you already found out, I would say to check your memory first and eliminate that as a possibility.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Memtest86</A>

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  2. It sound as though you are having trouble transfering data from the CD to the PC.
    Yes, you may have a RAM problem. Try just 1 stick at a time in the first slot. Try loading XP. Same problem - swap the RAM and try again. You could also get ahold of 'MEMTEST86' - free download - and run it from DOS. This will check your RAM. You may also have a problem with the hard drive. Is this a clean machine ? Re-format the drive before trying to install xp. Use a DOS disk to partition and format. Now if setup runs you change the partitions and format NTFS during the setup. One other thing to try. If you have an old OS - Win2K maybe - try installing it. If that works you could do an upgrade to XP of Dual-Boot.

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