i have a readeon 7500, i installed the driver that came with it and it sucked ass on counter-strike. i went ahead and downloaded the newest driver from ati.com and when i tried to install it it said something about the driver is not compatible with the video adapter installed on my computer... but i have a ati radeon 7500! what can be wrong?

my comp settings,
asus cusl2
P3 900
win xp

can somebody plz help me thx...
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  1. try uninstalling your old driver, and installing the standard VGA driver first.

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  2. I found that if you change the name of a file atfaraxx.hl_ to atfaraxx.hlx, you can install it through device manager. This file can be found in the R69x\Atidrive subdirectory of the extracted file.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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