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I just installed my new video card radeon8500 overclocked it and what have u, when I'm playing quake3 my frame rates stay at 90 no matter what resolution, is the drawFPS not working correctly, shouldn't I be getting 100+ FPS, I'm on a XP 2000+ and my 3dmark2001 is 9017

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  1. i think it is because the default maximum fps is set to 90fps, and since your 8500 is able to get 90+ frame on all resolution, the frame counter still says 90, even you are getting like 200+ fps.
  2. anyway to change the default? Its alot more than my old card, but I want to know how much?

    "I might be ignorant, but I'm not stupid."
  3. actually its probably verticle sync in the drivers. Your framerate is being capped by your resolution/refresh rate. If you go into your drivers settings you should be able to disable verticle sync. I also think there might be a way to tell quake 3 to ignore verticle sync and render the highest FPS possible, but I don't know many quake 3 console commands so I'm not sure what it is.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
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