Need a bit of help installing a new graphics card

Hi. I just bought a GeForce 2 GTS to upgrade my crappy TNT2. This is my first time adding or upgrading any thing besides my memory in my system, and I've ran into a problem. I opened my computer and removed the old TNT2 and replaced it with the new GeForce 2 GTS, but when I boot up my computer just beeps multiple times and nothing happens. Am I missing something? I looked at the BIOS Event Log, and there's a pre-boot error "CMOS Configuration Error". I was thinking that maybe there's something I need to do before removing the TNT2 or something..

System specs:
Gateway Select 1100 (I know, it sucks o_o)
Athlon 1.1GHz
Unknown mobo, but it has an AGP 4x slot
Windows XP Pro
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  1. Make sure:

    You haven't knocked and IDE cables loose or Ram

    You have firmly pushed the card in until you heard a click or it deffinately will not go any further, don't be too worried about giving it a good push.

    The power supply isn't inadequate - but its unlikely to be this.


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