Visiontek Ti 4600 vs. PNY Ti 4600 $100 difference?

Went to CompUSA to check out new cards. Visiontek GE4 Ti4600 is $400 and the PNY GE4 Ti4600 is $300...they seem pretty comparable side to side. I haven't been able to see any reviews on PNY's card but have read great things on Visiontek's. Anybody seen anything on PNY's card and is it work the $100 savings for the same Nvidia chipset?
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  1. Online at CompUSA and at my local store they are the same price. If you can buy
    the PNY for $300, I would get it.

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  2. Hey a 100 bucks is a 100 bucks get the cheaper one it will still rock.
  3. I will bet the store has it priced wrong and won't sell it for that.

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  4. The pricing is correct as Circuit City has the PNY Ti4600 for $300 as well. Has anyone read anything about the PNY card, is so, where? I'd like to see a benchmark comparison on the two...I've only found the Visiontek vs. Raedon 8500.
  5. Ok. Must be a different <A HREF="" target="_new">CompUSA</A>.

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  6. The PNY GeForce4 Ti 4400 is $299 and is a great card.

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  7. I think Tom's Hardware should do a review and comparison on PNY cards, something that hasn't been done in the past. PNY products offer great prices and inturn should draw a rather large consumer base, justifying the need for reviews of their products.

    :smile: Is it a new feature or a defect?
  8. THG, as with most review sites, only reviews cards that the manufacturer sends them. They don't make enough money to simply buy each and every card and test it.

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  9. I've used several PNY cards and they have been excellent, plus they have a LIFETIME warranty.

    IF there is any performance difference between the two I'm sure it is minimal and not worth $100 more.

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  10. I have the PNY Geforce 3 ti500 and it is a good card. It's made by MSI.

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  11. That is a price error, or you got the cards mixed up. The Ti4400 is $300 though so thats where the mix up probably occured.
    I have the PNY Ti4600 and its awesome, I get around 10008 to 10111 3D marks in 3Dmark 2001se with no overclocking at all. A comparable Visiontek with same CPU as mine (athlon xp 1800+) got around 9700 range, and the Gainward also same cpu got around 9500 range so I'm very happy with my card. I paid $355 shipped for it though so that was a big plus. Sure beats paying around $420-430 (when taking tax into account)

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
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