Windows XP vs MCE vs Win 98 SE for gaming?

Which is the best for games (is there a big difference)?

I mean will I notice an increase in FPS in games over windows 98SE (my current OS)?

Is Media Center Edition going to play games noticeably faster than XP?

Any answers to the above will be appreciated.

Also I will have a CPU with Hyper Transport soon, keep this in mind when answering please.
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  1. When my brother switched from 98se to XP Pro with his T-Bird it was very noticable. He increased enough fps to bump up some quality settings and still end up with 40-50fps in MoHAA. Not sure bout MCE but I would defininetly go XP.


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  2. Media Center Edition is pretty much exactly the same as XP Home/Pro... just with a few extra multimedia 'features'. They may be useful for someone setting up their PC as part of their home theater... but not really worth it otherwise.

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  3. OK thanks a lot for the advice you two, I know what to get now (XP.)
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