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I recently installed a k7s5a motherboard that has an onboard lan.

the onboard lan will not fuction for internet access.
the only thing it will allow me to do is lan networking.

the onboard lan connection is connected to a linksys etherfast cable/dsl router, and the cable modem is
connected to the router.

the onboard lan is enabled in the bios.
the sis900 pci fast ethernet network adapter is installed and is listed as functioning properly in the systems section of the control panel.

the following components are installed in the networks section of the contol panel:

client for microsoft networks-
sis900 pci fast ethernet adapter -
netbeui -
tcp/ip -
file & printer sharing -

my server provider uses dynamic ip addressing.
here are the settings for the tcp/ip and the network adapter.

sis900 pci fast ethernet adapter:
driver type - enhanced mode is 32 bit
bindings -netbeui & tcp/ip are listed and check marked.
advanced media type - auto config

ip address - obtain an ip address automatically.
wins - use dhcp for wins resolution
gateway - blank
dns configuration - disable dns
bindings - client for microsoft networking, and
file/printer sharing are listed and check marked.

any help is appreciated.

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  1. you didn't say what OS, but do you have a default gateway? Either use winipcfg (98/ME) or ipconfig /all (2K/XP) to see if you have one. If you do, try to ping it.

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  2. if it works for a lan, then its a problem with how its configg'd not a problem with the lan "card" itself, the card doesnt know or care weather its local or not.

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