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best card under 60?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 31, 2002 11:49:19 PM

Can someone please recommend the best all around graphics card under 60 dollars...also, if a card is 4x agp can i use it with a motherboard that is only 1x agp


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March 31, 2002 11:58:38 PM

I suggest you get the VISIONTEK Xtasy 5632 GEFORCE2 GTS-V for $48 bucks at I would say that the best you can get for under $60. Plus you can survive through most games with it. Most graphic cards are backward compatible, so if it supports 4x agp then it will probably do 1x fine. I don't think it will be a problem. Are u going to use the graphic card for game or what?
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April 1, 2002 12:12:52 AM

Humm........ the modest budget (lose some money in the stock market right? j/k) Well I dunno, what card do you have right now, cause I'd be leaning towards a Radeon 32MB DDR. The GF2MX400 would be my second choice. I'm not really sure whether these are compatible with AGP 1X but I'm pretty sure they are. I'll leave that up to someone else.
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April 1, 2002 12:14:57 AM

That GTS-V is OEM, and I've heard some not so great things about them, but yeah that would be a great choice. I never knew they sold for so low.
April 1, 2002 12:20:03 AM

I don't see the problem with OEM. Afterall you only need the graphic card itself.
April 1, 2002 12:28:57 AM

lol...the market has been rough...right now i have a riva 128 and i want to use the new card for everything in a computer running mandrake 8.2
April 1, 2002 12:37:55 AM

what does oem mean?
April 1, 2002 12:40:42 AM

I think Original Equipment Maufacturer. Basically straight from the factory I'm thinking.
a b U Graphics card
a b V Motherboard
April 1, 2002 6:44:34 AM

There is no such thing as an AGP1x board to my knowlege, even the LX chipset supported AGP2x. But any card should be able to run at AGP1x, which is to my knowlege a "safe mode" for problematic AGP, can you say VIA?

What's the frequency, Kenneth?