Going from ATI to Nvidia

Ok, I learned my lesson. I wanted to try an 8500 out, and I did. It was actually not a bad card, but I did have some driver issues (imagine that).

I am now having a difficult time getting my new Gainward Geforce 4 Ti 4400 installed properly. I delete everything I can thing of and follow the uninstall proceedure that I found on Rage3D, put the new GF4 in, boot it up, and all I get is a bunck of garbage! I move my mouse and it rips the screen apart.

I tried booting into safe mode and installing the drivers. They installed, but when I booted up, the system works for about 10 seconds and then freezes on me.

I really do not want to reformat and start over, so PLEASE! Someone help me if you can. I have learned my lesson! I promise! I will never do ATI again.

My system:
Gigabyte 7vrxp
Athlon XP 1800
512mb crucial ddr
Win XP pro
SBlaster Audigy Platinum
Hopefully a gforce 4
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  1. Why have you learned your lesson? And why is the ATi card at problem end? (Man, during my time here I have changed almost entirely from pro-Intel and pro-Nvidia to pro-AMD and pro-ATi, but if Intel's Prescott and Nvidia's NV30 come out good, they could always win back one more customer....... hehe that would be just a great thing for them.... one customer.....)
  2. Welcome back:) Thing is, Ati drivers seem to really incorporate themselves into the system, so deleting them may be more of a hassle than u expect..... AMD_Man, can you help this fellow out, since u seem to have lots of experience w/ Ati's drivers.

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  3. AMD_Man is working on a utility that removes all of the files from the system 32 folder. You could do it yourself. Look for all files that start with atfaraxx.hlx and work your way down to atttrkxx.hlx. Delete them all.

    Quite frankly, I can't blame you for jumping ship. By now you would think that ATI would have drivers that would allow you to play a popular game like Operation Flahspoint. But they don't. I've been waiting patiently for months for this card to work reliably 100%. The sad reality is that ATI had to release this card way too early to stay competitive with Nvidia. I feel they used all of us as beta testers and to this day don't have a solid product. I'll be jumping ship real soon myself.

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  4. Jeez, that's a serious inconvenience having to delete all that stuff. So does AMD_Man's program search for files starting in at and ending in .hlx extension, with a check to make sure it's from ati?

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  5. I'm guessing that's how it works. You'll have to ask him to be sure.

    Removing the files yourself is not that horrible because there are no other files that begin at*.

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  6. here's what you could try.

    Get rid of all you display adapter in "safe mode"
    Download NBG cleaner (not sure if it's the name exact) and make a good registry cleanup.
    Then install the card.

    This should work.
  7. I don't use wildcards in my program whatsoever. That's too dangerous. I have a list of over 400 files that ATIMax searches for specifically. These include international files and Win9X/Me and Win2K/XP. ATIMax will not support WinNT4. Although I do have WinNT 4 at home too, it's too much of a hassle to get it to work with WinNT 4 because their drivers are significantly different.

    However, I've just been infected by a virus. I'll have to salvage my data after I return from school today, so I just hope I haven't lost ATIMax. I did however lose the code for ATIFix, but that shouldn't take long to redo.

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  8. A little update...

    I brought the card to work this AM and put it in puter here. The thing works perfect, so I know it is not the video card. I have an older computer with an slot Athlon 700 in the box. My machine at home is lightyears beyond this!!!

    Anyways, I can only assume that:
    1. The AGP is bad on the motherboard. Why do I say this? Don't know, it is just a possibility, though
    not very likely.

    2. A conflict with something else on the board. I am wondering if my Sblaster audigy is the problem. It
    is the only other pci card that I have.

    3. A complete driver uninstall issue. Though I tried last night to do a clean install on a spare drive and
    still had problems.

    4. Something in my bios is not set right. I will have to check that when I get home.

    I hate this. I wish it would just all work right from the start.
  9. Gf 4 TI cards work fine with SB Audigy.

    My system runs perfect with:
    p4 1.7
    Asus P4t
    SB Audigy
    Visiontek TI 4600
    V.92 full board 3com/USR modem
    350watt switching power supply
    Win XP pro

    You might check yer power supply, if its below 300 watts you probably dont have enough power.

    Drivers can be a nasty thing-( I know. I upgrade alot and i'm an expert and reinstalling-) Keep all my Cd's in order in a special lil cd book that i need to rebuild my pc-)

    Seriously though. If you have made a driver mess you'll NEVER be happy until you get a fresh install. Might do your machine some good anyhow. Be sure your irq's are set to auto in the bios, set the agp aperature to 64MB just to be safe. Make sure nothings overclocked and that your getting good cooling, a lockup after 10 minutes could suggest an overheating problem as well. Take the side off next time i locks up and if you feel lots of heat pouring out of the case you have a heating problem.

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  10. I have an Antec 400 watt power sup. It isn;t heat related, I have an excellent cooling system. I really think it is this mboard. I had the same problem with a couple of PNY board a few weeks back. I gave them up and just thought PNY was crap. That is why i bought the gainward.

    If the v card works great here at work (on a 250 watt power supply by the way)it has to be related to my system at home.

    Now that I think about it, I do have my Crucial 512 mb ddr ram oclocked from 266 to 333. I have not tried to lower it down yet. Maybe that is a problem.
    Oh, I just want it to work.
  11. Quote:
    I tried booting into safe mode and installing the drivers. They installed, but when I booted up, the system works for about 10 seconds and then freezes on me.

    Actualy, that's exactly what's been hapening to me with the Nvidia drivers for my TNT card in 98 and 2000 with clean installs. Still haven't figured out how to get around it.

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  12. Don't try to fight with hardware in an OCed system. Get it to work first, then OC the system.

    Make sure you have installed the newest drivers for your motherboard. If it's a Via board, go to their site and download the 4.10C AGP driver (It's in the 4.38 4-in-1 driver set, well as the 4.10B). That will give you better performance anyway.

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