Post here if your mobo works fine with Radeon 8500


As I and others bitterly has experienced the EPoX 8KHA+ just won’t work for many of us in combination with Radeon 8500 Retail. I will return my 8KHA+ this week and I will buy a new KT266A chipset motherboard.
I would be very thankful if you who have KT266A chipset motherboards that work fine with Radeon 8500 would post here.

Please tell me what motherboard I should buy to get rid of the lockups, horizontal flickering lines and more.

Athlon XP 1800+
ATI Radeon 8500 Retail
SB Live! Player 5.1
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  1. The R8500 has no known compatibility problems with any board other than the EPOX 8KHA+. Get any KT266A other than that EPOX board and you'll have no problems.

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  2. Ok. I have heard about some other brands that have teh exact same problem that i have.
    I have not heard about ANY Soltek board what so ever that have had any problems thougt. I think I will go for the SL-75DRV-4.

    EPoX 8KHA+
    Athlon XP 1800+
    ATI Radeon 8500 Retail
    IBM 120GXP
    SB Live! Player 5.1
  3. my epox runs great with r8500. try to take out SoundBlaster. it might cause the problem.

    my spec are

    xp 1700+ @ 1900+
    Epox 8kha+
    crucial 2 sticks 256mb
    radeon 8500 retail
    Hercules game theater XP
    lite on 24x CDR , 16x DVD-rom
  4. do you overclock your mobo? If you did, maybe you should check the voltage. If it's high, maybe that's the problem.
  5. I have problems with combination Radeon 8500 & xp, although I have asus a7v266-e mobo. Radeons drivers won´t get installed to xp. The reason for this is radeon´s memorychips. 4ns memorychips dont work together with xp. To me there is no other solution than to return the displaycard to the shop.
  6. I have the ECS k7s5a, no problems with the R8500.

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  7. ive used the R8500 retail w/ the asus P4B probs.
    currently using the same R8500 retail on the asus P4S333 problems.

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  8. 4 NS chips have nothing to do with it. You first need to install the standard VGA addapter, and then you can install the 8500 drivers. Try installing the official drivers first if you are trying beta drivers.

    Also, check and see if you have uninstalled your old drivers for your previous video card. That could cause problems as well. And making sure you have the latest Via drivers (4.38 are the current) tends to eliminate other posible issues.

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